These are volatile and uncertain times. Not least the consequent anxiety caused by this uncertainty, particularly if one is perceived to be subject to a higher level of risk. In these circumstances, it is reassuring that in the Village, there have been so many offers of help in anticipation of there being a need.

Currently there is little that can be done other than follow the government guidance, which in itself is a challenge in the current dynamic situation. It is important that we look after ourselves and our community and this should be our highest priority. If there is reason to self-isolate, then it is as much for the benefit of others as for yourself. Take comfort in knowing that self-isolation potentially means that resources can be directed towards the greatest need.

It is the intention to maintain operation of the village stores, including a home delivery service, until there is justified reason to do otherwise. Everyone in our community should know that the shop will make its own contribution to providing essential services and goods during the current challenge.  If you, or someone you know, would like essential goods delivered to the door, it can be arranged. We are indebted to all associated with the shop  for rising to this challenge.

While social networks can play a powerful part in informing and guiding support, the PC has also put in place a dedicated e-mail address where concerns relative to the situation or requests for support can be registered. This address is For those who are not comfortable with the internet then message can be left at the shop, or call 01823 490407.

Further update will be made as the situation evolves.

Keep yourself safe and look out for each other in true Stoke St Gregory community spirit.