The Royal British Legion has, like the rest of the country, had to reassess how it can operate safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision has therefore been taken that, for understandable safety reasons, there will be no house to house collections this year. Instead, the collecting season will focus on major retail outlets such as Sainsburys, Tesco etc. However, it has also just been agreed that smaller retail outlets such as shops, pubs, clubs and cafes will be allowed to host collection boxes during the 2020 collection season.

If there any local outlets that I haven’t been in touch with and who would like to host a collection box, please do get in touch with me.

I do hope that whenever we come across local collection boxes, we support this important charity and help the parish raise as much money as possible for the Royal British Legion.
Thank you in anticipation.
Richard Dobson
Stoke St Gregory Poppy Area Coordinator
01823 491601