As with the July meeting the August meeting was prefaced by concerns expressed by residents of Church Close over the planned transition zone between their houses and the new development on Willey Road. The main point of contention was the absence of a transparent consultation process by the developer with these residents. As issue which had been identified by the PC in the July meeting. Further discussion was inconclusive despite some written clarification on the part of the developer. It was agreed that there are still several open questions that need to be answered before a final decision can be taken.

The poor, almost non-existent broad band service in Meare Green was also highlighted. There appear to be few options to correct this in the short term, however the possibility of a repeater from the transmitter on Windmill Hill above Curload, will be explored.

After the respite of July, there were six planning application to be considered two of which were variations of previously approved applications. All were approved except a variation to use to a building as a meeting room at Meare Green Farm. This decision was consistent with the PC’s position on the original application. Work on the access to the new sports pavilion will start on August 22nd the PC having approved the variation to slightly change the layout of facilities.

Janice Pearce was elected to the vacant position on the Parish Council. We welcome Janice who based on her previous professional experience, expressed an interest in specifically representing the both the old and the young of the Parish.

Following a successful event several years ago, Route 60+ will be repeated. This is a free event.  The talk is aimed at helping to keep older drivers driving on the road safer for longer. We are very aware of when a person who lives in a remote area must stop driving it presents a difficult lifestyle change. In the talk strategies to help continue driving will be covered and (for a fee) a driving assessment will be offered with a driving instructor. Everyone who attends will get a copy of the highway code and other literature to assist them. If there is enough interest the event will be held at the Village Hall. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to participate.