This primarily affects those with very slow broadband speed who applied for a voucher from Connecting Devon and Somerset before the end of November 2016, but have not yet been connected to the Rural Broadband Southwest wireless network or to any other alternative to wired broadband. The deadline for redeeming vouchers (i.e. the time by which the installation had to be completed and billed to CDS) has now been extended to 30 September 2017. (It is likely that the voucher scheme will be reopened for new applications at some point, but we have no idea when.)

This means that there should be plenty of time to connect anyone in the village to a service delivering at least 10 mbps. While satellite or 4G may provide a reasonable deal, I recommend considering wireless from RBS, because the cap (or data throughput allowed per month) is much higher. The main problem with wireless is that your house receiver (a small disc about six inches across) has to have direct line of sight to one of the transmitters, and intervening trees can block access to  many houses. It is the intention of RBS to get round this by building up a number of relay transmitters. There is specifically a plan to mount one on Curry Moor Pumping Station to serve those along the Tone in Curload and Athelney who cannot directly see the transmitter on Windmill Hill.

If you would benefit from faster broadband speeds and are too far from a cabinet to access fibre, do get in touch with RBS as soon as possible so that they can include you in the developing network. If you have a voucher, installation should be free, though it does not cover the ongoing subscription. If you do not have a voucher you can still be connected, but will have to pay for the installation. Feel free to contact Nick Sloan if you have any questions.