You will have seen yellow signs saying that Curload was to be closed from the beginning of March. This was to have enabled work on the railway bridge by the Athelney crossing, but was postponed due to the flooding. Highways has reissued a road closure notice that is still dated from 27 Feb; it is unclear when the work will actually be carried out. It does seem unreasonably optimistic to schedule work in early spring for a bridge over the Tone, but whenever it does start it is liable to take about a month. I’ll update this post when I learn more. Details

17-3-20] There is still uncertainty about this closure, though it is unlikely to be any time soon. The Environment Agency has refused Network Rail a license to operate over the river until aspects of their plans for a new bridge have been resolved. The Parish Council is also opposing the plans since they do nothing to prevent the bridge (like the current one) obstructing the river when it is in flood.