At the December meeting of the Parish Council there was a wide-ranging discussion both in the public question time and in the body of the meeting around funding for basic improvement and potential capacity increases for both the primary school and the Willowset. The amount and subsequent distribution of CIL funds generated by the development raised several questions which could not be addressed during the meeting as further explanation is required. It is hoped to clarify the questions raised at the January meeting.  While the PC has no executive authority in this matter it strongly supports efforts by our district councillors to resolve this critical issue impacting the future of our village.

The planning discussion centred on the resubmission of the four applications to build a single large agricultural structure on the ridge above lower Huntham Lane.  Strongly stated representations against the applications were received from the public prior to the formal opening of the meeting. Having studied the supporting documentation, the PC took the view that this information was both inconsistent and in some cases contradictory. Pending clarification, the PC offered no comment, however it was felt that these four applications for a single contiguous building should be presented as a single application.

Following the agreement in November to support the ‘Shop in a Box’ as the interim arrangement pending success of the HOTV project agreement has been reached for its delivery and installation at the Williams Hall. To support this the PC has set aside £5000. It is planned that the premises will open on Jan 6th, 2020 following closure of the Village Stores on December 31st

Reviewing PC expenditure over the past year, spending has been in line with budget when exceptional items are separated. The precept for the past two years has remained unchanged however due to the considerable uncertainty going forward it was agreed that a small increase to £16,000 was justified for the year 2020.