The PC  continues to meet virtually using the Zoom platform. We have welcomed members of the public to several recent meetings. We continue to emphasise that all are welcome to join us. If it is the technology that worries you, we would be happy to arrange introductory sessions if you feel you would like to participate. Two members of the public joined our December meeting

Our daily lives continue to be greatly modified by the ongoing pandemic. While we must consider ourselves fortunate to live in an area where incidence of the virus is relatively low in many respects this tends to make us more vulnerable as it is easier to be caught off-guard on the basis of ‘it can’t happen here’. The PC would encourage everybody in the community to remain vigilant, take the necessary precautions and abide by the guidelines, bearing in mind that ‘anyone can get it; everyone can spread it’.

In December there were two straightforward planning applications for extensions to private residences. The Parish council supported both applications. Following an agreement to relocate the underground pumping station associated with the new housing development on Willey Road. There will be a clear 20 metre buffer zone between Church Close and the New development. This clears the way for the eventual transfer of ownership of this land to the residents of Church Close backing on to the development. All houses in this development have now been sold and indeed two are already occupied.

To the surprise and anger of many residents in the locality, SWTC Planning approved the application for completion of the partially constructed large agricultural building at Lower Huntham Farm. This decision was  based on a recommendation from the Planning Department, despite a process that appeared to be flawed and in contravention of its own guidelines.

Work continues with SCC highways to implement the 30mph limit along the length of Meare Green. The exact siting of the start of the limit is still under discussion, with SCC proposing the village sign at Denman Hill, but an alternative suggestion is at the parish boundary at the blind crest at the top of the hill. It is hoped to resolve this quickly in the new year. While it is anticipated that the new 20mph warning will be installed for the school shortly, significant concern has been expressed around considerable hazards associated the increasing lack of discipline for drop-off and pick-up at the school/Willowset. Parents are to be remined of the need for better practices in order to avoid an accident which many feel is inevitable with current behaviour. Parking is available at the Royal Oak, the Church and the Village Hall all of which are a short distance from the school entrance.

Climate change and the Role of the PC in promoting activity to off set it’s impacts is taking an increasingly significant part of the PC agenda. If you care about our unique natural environment and would be prepared to contribute to maintaining it, then the PC would like to hear from you. You can register your interest by e-mailing the Parish Clerk on It is anticipated that this topic will become a key area o activity as we move into the New Year.

Finally, with the end of 2020 approaching, we look forward to a more optimistic 2021. The Parish Council would like to take the opportunity to wish all in the community very best wishes for the coming year.