We are moving towards having our first elected Management Committee, and a good thing too, since it will give the policy of HOTV more democratic legitimacy. Emails went out to all Members on 9th May inviting people to consider standing for the committee. Nominations closed last Friday, by which time we had eight candidates. This means that we have to run an election.

Voting papers were emailed by the Secretary on Monday. They include a personal statement from each of the candidates, and Members will be asked to choose up to seven names from the list of eight. Members can return their votes by email or post, or leave them in the shop. (The voting paper may be downloaded here as a PDF, and printed copies are available from the shop or on demand from the Secretary, Sara Sollis, via email or phone: 01823 490069 )

As with all Community Benefit Society decisions, it is strictly one-Member-one-vote. In order to ensure compliance, voting papers will be named and counted in, but the names will only be seen by the Secretary who counts the votes (and is not standing) and possibly by an independent referee. Voting will remain confidential and all the data will be destroyed once the results have been declared and any challenges have been resolved.

Votes have to be received by Friday 5 June, and will be counted over the following weekend. The results will be announced on Monday 8 June at the latest, and the newly elected Management Committee will take their (virtual) seats at the next public meeting on Monday 15  June. 

As with all recent meetings, this will be held remotely using Zoom.  Any Member is free to request an invitation, and/or  to lodge questions in advance. Further details and an agenda will be circulated well beforehand.

Election Results
Sara Sollis, the outgoing Secretary of the Society, who is the only one to have seen the completed voting papers, published the results on 7 June:

157 Members submitted votes as follows:
Nick Sloan—140
John Davison—139
Graham Gleed—132
David Crabbe—131
Dave Evans—108
|Mike Blair—103
Heather Venn—102
Chris Reah—88

This means that the first seven names have been duly elected. We would like to pass on commiserations to Chris who has done sterling work on the committee already, and received support from over half of those who voted.