On Sept 2nd it is planned to hold a drop-in event between 5pm and 9pm at the Village hall where we will be offering free refreshments; so drop-in to find out more.

After a significant effort the Business Plan and Share Prospectus for the project to buy the Royal Oak and relocate the Village Stores  have been finalised and approved by an independent auditor. All documents can be viewed at www.HOTVSSG.org. This was a major milestone in our progress.

Shares in the HOTV Community Benefit Society went on sale on Aug 1st. Initial uptake has been encouraging. It is intended to publicise progess with a totaliser on the wall at the Royal Oak.

If you care about the long term future of Stoke St Gregory as supportive and welcoming community please join us. If you have any questions please came and join us or e-mail HOTVSSG@gmail.com