At the January PC meeting, there were only two minor planning applications to be considered; both received Parish Council approval.

One of the two major topics which received the most attention, was the potential allocation of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money arising from the housing development in Willey Road. In the initial Planning Application approved in May last year the total CIL money calculated by SWTC Planning Dept. was estimated to be £607,000 of which the PC would receive 15%. Without consultation or even communication this was ‘corrected’ to £429,000 sometime in December, despite plans remaining as submitted in May. No satisfactory explanation has been offered to account for this difference. The PC is seeking clarification as to how this error arose.

The second major topic discussed was the frustrating and deeply disappointing failure to resolve funding to improve the school and preschool. While the PC has no executive role in this decision-making process it did register its concern at the apparent inability to reach a resolution.

Following a hectic period over Christmas and the New Year, the ‘shop in a box’ opened on January 6th, without any major problem. This is an important interim step in our journey towards completion of the HOTV project. Thanks, should go to Ian and Karen for all their work to make this happen and to their continuing efforts to train community volunteers who will take over operations at the end of March.

Planning has already started to celebrate VE day in May. Several events will be held on the weekend of 10th May. If anyone would like to help in organising this important celebration, please contact any member of the Parish Council.

Do you like the outdoor life? Are you a regular user of the footpaths that criss-cross the village? Then there is an opportunity for you. Following many years of service Cecil Boobyer is standing down as Footpaths Officer. The PC would like to Cecil for his work over the years in this important but unsung role. If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking this on, please contact the Parish Clerk, Kelly de Silva

Finally, the PC would like to pass on its thanks to Paul Morse and the Organising Committee of the Stoke Stampede. This event is extremely highly regarded is the running community and is recognised for its first-class organisation and welcoming support. It is an event that really puts Stoke St Gregory on the map.