The PC  continues to meet virtually using the Zoom platform. We have welcomed members of the public to several recent meetings. We continue to emphasise that all are welcome to join us. If it is the technology that worries you, we would be happy to arrange introductory sessions if you feel you would like to participate. Two members of the public joined our December meeting

Our daily lives continue to be greatly modified by the ongoing pandemic. While we must consider ourselves fortunate to live in an area where incidence of the virus is relatively low in many respects this tends to make us more vulnerable as it is easier to be caught off-guard on the basis of ‘it can’t happen here’. While it is heartening that people in the village are received the vaccination, the PC would encourage everybody in the community to remain vigilant, take the necessary precautions and abide by the guidelines, bearing in mind that ‘anyone can get it; everyone can spread it’.

In January there were two minor planning applications to consider one being an amendment of a previous application. Neither required comment.

It is with great regret the PC announces that Nick Sloan has decided to stand down as a Parish Councillor. For nearly ten years Nick Sloan has served on the PC with distinction, four years were spent as Chairman; a role to which he brought dedication, energy and not least fairness and balance in reconciling sometimes fractious discussions with diplomacy and tact. It has been a period of profound change in the Village, coming to the end of which few would disagree with the proposition that Stoke St Gregory is a better place, in no small part due to Nick’s stewardship of the PC. This does mean that a vacancy has become available. If you have an interest in contributing to the PC, please inform the Parish Clerk at

The PC received correspondence citing concerns around the entrance and exit from the Willows and Wetlands visitor centre on to Stoke Road. A review of accident statistics for the location shows there have been no accidents in the past five years and full consideration was given to this access by Highways in Planning Application 36/20/0008. All agreed that the planned reduction of the speed limit will be the primary focus to improve road safety in the area. In this regard the PC is still waiting for a response from the Traffic Management Office as to next steps in this process.

It was resoled that the PC would make a partial contribution to the installation of two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at the Hall. These will be made available to both Hall users and local residents following installation.

Finally, it was resolved not to pursue a name change for the Willey Road development due to the cost and complexity, but also in deference to the new householders who purchased their properties in good faith against deeds that state the name of the development as Broomfield Park.