Since the last Report there has been tremendous progress in our project to create a commercial and social hub  in the centre of the village.

A project team guided by John Davison and Nick Sloan has set about making the renovations necessary to relocate the shop to the Royal Oak. Based upon the amended plan this will be on the left of the building in an area that presented the biggest challenges in the form of its legacy condition. It was rapidly determined that damp ingress was principally due to the poor state of the render on the  West and South exterior walls. A decision was taken to remove this render which had a number of positive consequences. Firstly, a doorway was discovered in the west wall, which apparently provided access to the kitchen of the original building, which can now provide access to the shop. Secondly, and particularly now that it has been cleaned, a very characterful red brick and blue liass building has been revealed, which as someone put it, ‘looks at home in the village square’. Finally the damp has almost entirely dried out.

Work has been moving at pace inside the building substantial rewiring and installation of security/fire detection systems are nearing completion. The heating system is working.

The shop area has been completely redecorated and new floor laid. New windows have been installed in the shop and café area.

None of this would have been possible, without the energy and dedication of a large band of volunteers. The MC wishes to express their heartfelt thanks to all of those who have made in many small and not so small ways, a major contribution to our progress.

Work is currently in hand to reopen the shop in the Royal Oak on Nov 30th. Carolyn and Jo have a number of ideas following opening and in the run-up to Christmas  so look out for promotional information. The Café will open as soon as permitted.

Work on renovating the pub has been postponed until after Christmas with the intention of holding some events in the pub during the period. The search for a landlord continues.

As we draw towards the end of a momentous year in the life of this project I believe the whole community can reflect with pride and anticipation on what has been achieved and what will be delivered to the benefit of all who live in our community.