The PC  continues to meet virtually using the Zoom platform. We have welcomed members of the public to several recent meetings. We continue to emphasise that all are welcome to join us. If it is the technology that worries you, we would be happy to arrange introductory sessions if you feel you would like to participate.

Our daily lives continue to be greatly modified by the ongoing pandemic. While we must consider ourselves fortunate to live in an area where incidence of the virus is relatively low in many respects this tends to make us more vulnerable as it is easier to be caught off-guard on the basis of ‘it can’t happen here’. The PC would encourage everybody in the community to remain vigilant, take the necessary precautions and abide by the guidelines, bearing in mind that ‘anyone can get it; everyone can spread it’.

Planning applications have been running at a low level with few new applications of significance. An application for a separate garage at Lovell’s House was approved by the PC. An amendment to the planning application for layout of the ground floor at the Royal Oak was submitted and conditionally approved by SWTC before the PC could comment, however this was plainly not an issue. One of the major uncertainties facing planning at the minute is the consequences of a broad swathe of the region being classified as having excess phosphates. Recognising this, SWTC has declared an ecological emergency. Precisely what the impact will be on future planning applications remains unclear.

Following up upon the high level of concern expressed regarding the speed and density of traffic on Meare Green the PC requested a formal speed assessment from SCC. This was conducted over five days in October. The data from this strongly suggests that a 30mph speed limit along this stretch of road would be enforceable. At the November PC meeting it was agreed to proceed despite a cost which could amount to as much as £8000. The project will now be formally scoped and costed and approval to implement will be proposed on this basis. Again, in the arena of highways, the PC is pleased to report that Stoke St Gregory will be in the first wave of schools to have a formal 20mph limit outside the school. This will be implemented in the coming month.

With the Remembrance Day services severely curtailed by social restrictions, the wreath laying ceremony was held at the new pavilion. In a brief but poignant service the wreath was laid under the new plaque on the wall of the pavilion recognising the role of the playing field as a memorial to all who served.

With the old Village stores now a private residence, the defibrillator in the village square has now been moved to the wall of the Royal Oak. Its precise location is to the right of the porch on the right of the building as you look at it.