Following completion of the purchase of the Royal Oak by the community, we will hold an open day for both members and the community to view the asset that will become the commercial and social heart of the village. The Royal Oak will be open to view from 10:00 to 14:00 next Saturday the 5th September. This is in anticipation of renovation work starting on Monday the 14th September, with an ambitious target of moving the shop into the premises around the end of October. Plans will be available to provide understanding of how we intend to best use the space, having taken a final decision that the shop will be on the left.

There will also be the opportunity to give us your input and to enlist as a volunteer for the many tasks we will need to manage in the coming weeks. You will also be able to purchase a drink as a contribution to our project.

Visitors will need to conform to the prevailing Covid protocols. Face masks will be obligatory. Hand sanitiser will be available and all doors will be wedged open to avoid contact with handles. The number of visitors in the building at any one time will also be limited to ensure social distancing and visitors are requested not to cross on the stairs. A register of visitors will also be kept for use in the unlikely event of contact tracing.If you do intend to visit it would be beneficial if you could let us know (subject visit to ) in order to gauge the likely attendance. Additionally if there are any items of personal property (for example snooker cues) left in the Oak this would be the time to collect them.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.