This year, through our house to house collections and the donations made at the charity
soup lunch, the Remembrance Service, along with the collections from the school, our
three pubs, the Lemon Tree Café, the Village Stores and the Parish Council donation, we
have raised a grand total of £1745.68
I would like to thank everybody in Stoke St Gregory, Burrowbridge and East Lyng who
gave their time and contributed so generously to this cause. I would also like to thank
everybody who braved the elements to undertake the house to house collections; who
helped with the charity lunch; and who allowed us to use their counters and bars to host
collection boxes. Without you, it would not be possible to achieve such a terrific result.
This is a very impressive sum, especially as this year we were not able to call upon as
many collectors as in previous years, so if anyone is interested in helping next year,
please contact me.
On behalf of the Royal British Legion, thank you one and all for your support.
Richard Dobson (
Stoke St Gregory Poppy Area Coordinator