There is a possibility of setting up a social golf society in the Stoke St Gregory area, to be organised by volunteer members and to be based around the Royal Oak.
The initial idea is to share contact details for all those who might be interested in finding playing partners. The players would then make their own arrangements for a game at one of the local courses, hopefully followed when convenient by a drink and a chat at our local Royal Oak.
From time to time through the year we might run organised Society outings/competitions too.
At this stage we are trying to establish whether there is enough interest to make this a worthwhile venture. So if interested, please contact Paul Fielding on 01823 490565, 07754911146, or .
If you might be able to help organise the group in the initial period please identify yourself – it might earn you a drink.
Once we have an indication of enough interest we will set up an initial meeting, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, at the Royal Oak to sort things out – then off we go!
Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested, especially anybody who is not online.