The September meeting of the Parish Council was prefaced by a discussion on the extent and nuisance of irritating and unpleasant smells during the summer. While it is recognised that we life in a rural area and smells associated with farming activity are inevitable, the opinion was expressed that some of the occurrences during the summer constituted more than a nuisance. If we are to address this concern, better evidence needs to be gathered. A short form will be developed that will help describe each occurrence. These will be collated in an attempt the determine a pattern. Forms will be available on the village web site and in the shop.

There were no new planning applications to consider in September, however it was noted that the planning applications 36/19/0009 and 10 for the large agricultural building on Huntham Lane, were to go before SWTC Planning committee on the 11th September with a recommendation from the planning authority for refusal.

Two traffic related items were covered. It has been agreed that an advisory speed limit of 20mph will be requested to support the flashing lights at either end of the school zone. These would replace the existing ‘School Patrol’ signs. The speed limit signs, particularly those through Meare Green have been cleaned and refurbished, giving us the opportunity to restart Speed Watch activities. A request has been received to consider a Speed Watch for the straight section of Curload from the railway crossing to be organised by local volunteers.

May next year will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. It is planned that several village events will take place to commemorate this date. As well as a village breakfast several other community events are being planned. If you would be willing to help with organisation of these events, please contact Sara Sollis or Janice Pearce.