Conditions on the roads vary from one place to another, but the regional advice is unequivocal: unless you really have to, do not attempt to drive.

We are waiting for advice from Highways as to when we can expect full clearance of the larger roads in the parish, but since they are at full stretch throughout the county, it may be that the thaw beats them to it. Temperatures are forecast to rise over the next few days, and although there may well be some more snow and sleet, it seems as though the worst (or best?) of the snowfall is over.

Please be aware of any vulnerable neighbours, and so far as possible make sure that they are warm, have enough food and are reassured that conditions should improve soon.

There are a lot of 4x4s and tractors in the village, so if you have a particular problem involving transport you probably either have one or know someone who does.

Tony Reader, of Burrowbridge, is a member of the group 4×4 Assist, and has very generously offered help to any vulnerable or elderly people who need it while conditions are bad.  He has a ROSPA advanced driving qualification and is first aid trained. He also holds an SIA security license which means he is fully CRB checked.He can be reached on 07834 527524.

If anyone has suggestions or further information to offer, please email Nick Sloan. In the meantime, enjoy the transformed landscape, and get those toboggans out.

Update 3-3-18]  The thaw is coming in apace, and most roads are negotiable with extreme care, though passing can be tricky. Curload Hill, which was only practical for 4x4s earlier, has been cleared and gritted by a team of locals. The sensible course is still to stay at home if you don’t have to drive, but if you do have to, and take great care, you should be ok if you avoid obvious bottlenecks.

Update 4-3-18]  Roads pretty much all clear now, both in Stoke and elsewhere (I am actually writing this from near Salisbury), so this will probably be the last update to this post.