Did you know that on average every household in Stoke St Gregory causes emissions of 21.6t of CO2 equivalent per year amounting to 9218t per year for the whole Parish. These numbers are derived from a national study conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Exeter University. Within these numbers, at a household level 2.3t is as consequence of personal travel. Energy consumption for housing is on average 7.1t per year. While these numbers are averages based on national statistics, they paint a clear picture of the impact each of us makes to climate change on  daily basis.

In order to better co-ordinate local activity both at a Parish level and across neighbouring parishes the PC has commissioned an advisory group. This group made up of both PC representatives and concerned members of the community will meet monthly. Notes from the meeting can be found on the Village website. Coming out of the first meeting it was resolved to adopt a more rigorous approach to planning applications with regard to climate impacts as well as exploring with the school how best a local overlay on the existing curriculum can be used advantageously.

Future meetings will explore how to identify projects and activities that have a clearly defined positive impact, are affordable and not least feasible.

Members of the public are welcome at the meetings. Meeting details can be requested from Graham Gleed (grahiamgleed@gmail.com).