Please find below somewhat belatedly the last PC report for the March meeting. Subsequent to this meeting, social distancing regulations were put in place as well as closure of public spaces. As a consequence there was no PC meeting in April and the planned Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for May 4th has also been at least postponed.

It is planned to attempt a virtual meeting in May. Various options are being explored and notification of this meeting will be issued separately.

In the meantime if there are items for discussion please email the clerk Kelly de Silva ( and the chairman Graham Gleed (

And finally the notes from the last meeting

In these extraordinary and difficult times, it seems rather trivial to be reporting on planning applications and other sundry items, consequently the initial comments in this month’s report cover the measures that the PC are taking to support the Parish.

By the time you receive this Parish News, you should have received a leaflet describing the measures being taken. A system of co-ordination has been established such that those  who are vulnerable or who are self-isolating can communicate on their specific needs. This can be done via e-mail ( or via the phone number on the short form you will have received (07701 053903). There is also a Facebook group, Stoke St Gregory & Burrowbridge – Coronavirus Community Help Taunton. Updated information will also be posted on the Village website  Please also use these co-ordinates if you wish to help in any way. It is extremely gratifying to see and hear of the many offers of help that have been made.

It is intended to continue to operate the Village Stores throughout this crisis. A Covid policy has been put in place which will be implemented in order to minimise the risk both to those who use the shop and those who work there. Every effort is being made to ensure that this vital community service continues to be available and that the goods and services offered are tailored to the needs of the community.

The importance of following Government Guidelines cannot be overstated. Please act responsibly not only in your own interests but in the interest of all others who could be affected by your actions.

The March PC meeting was a relatively low-key affair. There were two planning applications both of which the PC supported.  It was agreed that representations would be made to modify the design of the railway bridge across the Tone at Athelney. As this bridge is being replaced it is felt that there is an opportunity to reduce  what is an obstruction to the flow of the river which is likely to increase through the life of the new bridge.

Discussions continue trying to resolve the funding for School/Willowset improvements. While avenues and opportunities remain open to explore, there is no reason to anticipate an early resolution.

It was reported that following further discussions all CIL money due to be allocated to the Parish will be available for allocation (subject to SWTC agreement) in the Parish. This money will be transferred in three lots over the next year.

The PC are pleased to welcome Charlotte Sundquist as Footpaths Officer taking over from Cecil Boobyer. It is anticipated that with her energy and enthusiasm Charlotte will play an important role in the maintenance of these important village assets.

Finally, in the light of the current situation a motion was passed at an Extraordinary Meeting of the PC to delegate such powers as necessary to the Parish Clerk. Face to face meeting of the PC have been suspended although normal business will still be enacted using virtual means. As an extension of this the Annual Parish Meeting has also been cancelled as has regrettably the VE day celebrations.

The PC wishes all in the community continuing good health. Do not hesitate to get in touch whether you need support or are willing to help.