An email reporting that a parishioner had had difficulty in finding the Parish Church page was the spur to making some minor improvements which I hope will make this website easier to use.

It was always intended that everything should be accessible from the eight coloured tabs at the top, and that you should be able to find your way around just by hovering over a tab and seeing the branches of pages that come under it. I have added more sub-pages to this menu, including some external pages [in square brackets], so now it should in theory be possible to get to any page with a single click. On smaller devices, the tabs are replaced by the Select Page menu, but the same applies.

It may not always be obvious which page comes under which tab, but there is an underlying logic, which is explained in the pages that come up if you click on the tabs directly, or in some cases on the immediate sub-page. For those unfamiliar with hierarchical menus, you have to navigate them by moving the cursor, and not clicking until you reach the page you want.

As ever, please let me know if anything is unclear or incorrect, or if something is not listed that should be.