This was the Royal Oak 75 years ago today, on VJ Day 1945. It has changed a lot since then and it is set to change again, not least because it will be including the shop. Let us know what sort of a pub you would like to see in our village.

Rather than ask you to fill in a tedious survey, the HOTV team would like to know what are your three favourite pubs, and why? Properly analysed, the results could tell us an enormous amount about what people value in a pub, and help guide us in our reboot of the Royal Oak. (They don’t have to be local pubs, but it would be good if at least one of them was.) We would, as always, love to hear any other suggestions.

Please send your answers and comments to
(Don’t leave it too long if you want to influence the plans.)
Responses to this survey will be published on the page Royal Oak feedback.