In March a Young People’s Consultation was held in the Royal Oak, sponsored by the Parish Council. The purpose of the meeting as to discover more about the needs of young people in the village and how best to address any issues that were outlined. It turned out to be a very successful meeting which was attended by 32 young people between the ages of nine and sixteen. After an uncertain start to the meeting the discussion was open and constructive. The summary of the meeting can be seen here.

While young people enjoy living in the village and feel secure in Stoke St Gregory, the table on page 2 is very revealing, however it is also an opportunity. Many of those present expressed a wish to become more involved in activities particularly contributing to the discussion around providing new facilities which will be for their benefit.

Recognising the need to maintain momentum, it is intended to explore setting up a working group with participation from young people and representatives of the PFMC and PC to establish the scope and cost of possible options. This topic will be addressed at the next PC meeting on April 11th.

The organising group for this first meeting would like to thank all who participated for their contribution to a succesful outcome.