Heart of the Village

Since July 2018, the Heart of the Village (HOTV) has been the name of the enterprise to buy the Royal Oak on behalf of the community, to ensure the survival of the shop and at least one pub in the village. The plan is to set up both shop and pub as community businesses within the same building.

HOTV became a registered Community Benefit Society in March 2019, and will be running a share offer to fund the purchase of the Royal Oak during August and September this year. Everyone who buys £100 worth of shares or more will become a Member of HOTV, and in effect a part-owner of the business. Exactly how the shop and the pub are run and how they develop is up to the Members. Everyone gets the one vote in all decisions, whether they own 4 shares or 400.

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The Royal Oak on VJ Day 1945. Photo courtesy of Pete Nicholas, via Dave Evans

To get in touch, please email contact@hotvssg.org or phone Graham Gleed on 01823 490407.

We are always keen to receive feedback and ideas and to answer questions. Our regular meetings are usually at the village hall on the first Monday of every month, and anyone is welcome to attend. (Check in the Calendar on this site.)

To contact the shop, email shop@hotvssg.org or phone 07842 992825
To contact the Secretary: secretary@hotvssg.org. To contact the Treasurer: accounts@hotvssg.org.

About the logo
The overall shape represents the parish of Stoke St Gregory. The number of dots equates roughly to the number of people who live here, and the coalescence around hotv at the centre is intended to illustrate what we are trying to do: to bring the village together around a common meeting point—or heart. If you like, you can also read it as a swarm of bees, working together in the common cause to produce sweetness. This theme is echoed in the hexagonal (honeycomb) shape of the sign for the shop.

All the latest news on HOTV.

Share Offer
This page has historical information about the HOTV share offer which is now closed.

The Business Plan and the Share Prospectus, plus Rules, minutes of meetings and all other documents related to HOTV

Next steps
A timeline of what we need to do to bring the project to fruition

A historical overview of the village, and of the background to how the HOTV project came about [Duplicated in the Business Plan]

Aims & benefits
A brief account of how the enterprise could benefit the village [Duplicated in the Business Plan]

Management Committee
An explanation of the formation of the committee, and a list of members

How we plan to raise the money and how you can help [A short version of fuller information in the Business Plan and Share prospectus]

A list of real questions, together with the best answers we can give to date

The Plunkett Foundation
There is a huge amount of information on this website about the experiences of other villages in setting up similar community businesses