Our volunteers are the lifeblood of HOTV. As a community enterprise, it was always intended that the shop, the café and to some extent the pub should be largely staffed by volunteers. Covid-19 interrupted our training programme and may make volunteering difficult for some time to come, but we are very keen to retain the help and enthusiasm of our large team; in fact we absolutely depend on them to make HOTV viable in the long term.

If you have already given time to the shop or elsewhere, thank you very much. If you have not but feel you might be able to help in the future, please talk to Jo or Carolyn in the shop or Phil in the pub, or contact John Davison (07836 327926 johndavison52@gmail.com). Volunteer rotas for the shop etc. are organised via the ThreeRings website. Carolyn will give you access details to this when you join the team.

We are also grateful to those who have helped with the renovation of the building and the garden. If you have time and skills to offer here, the people to contact are John Davison (building work, 07754 911146, fieldingap@hotmail.com) and Helen Gittins (garden, helengittins12@gmail.com, 07919 095456).


Like any Community Benefit Society, HOTV is managed by an elected Management Committee, whose job is to keep the show on the road in the best interests of the community. The paid managers of the shop (and pub) are answerable to the Membership of the Society via the Management Committee. The MC members are also volunteers. Their details can be seen here.