Coronavirus information

Rather than updating this page continually as circumstances change, we are now asking you to click on the image to the right to read the latest government guidelines. 

Although as of 17 May the restrictions are being partially relaxed, and although most vulnerable people will now have been vaccinated, there is a real danger that more aggressive variants of Covid-19 could still bring infection rates back up again, so we need to continue being careful in how we interact with others

•  Stick to the rules and keep practicing social distancing at all times
•  Assume that everyone you meet may be infected (and possibly symptom-free)
•  Isolate and get tested if you feel unwell or have any reason to believe you may be infected.

If you feel that you may have symptoms of coronavirus, do not go to the health centre. Follow the advice on the North Curry Health Centre website. Only phone the NHS 111 coronavirus phone line if you need to after reading this.
Additional advice about North Curry Health Centre from Dr Hickman.

Help for those in self-isolation

Many people in the village have already risen to the challenge, offering help to neighbours who may need shopping, prescriptions or other supplies collected, or just a friendly phone call. Kelly de Silva, Clerk to the PC is acting as an information exchange. If you need any form of help, or you have any questions, do contact  Kelly by phone or email:   07701 053903
(Please note that the shop is also offering free delivery via volunteers to any residents who need it—see below.)

Rachel Parish is also offering a hot meal every Wednesday, delivered free (or for a small donation) to those in need of it. See this post.

See also this government web-page (and this News post) concerning support for those who are considered ‘extremely vulnerable’. This is another government web-page specific to help with obtaining food.

The Shop

The village shop in the Royal Oak is operating an updated version of the Shop Coronovirus Policy originally developed by Ian Upshall. The latest (Tier 4) restrictions make it particularly difficult for volunteers to operate in the shop, but a free delivery service supported by volunteers continues to be available. Please ring 07842 992825 or email if this would be helpful to you.

Mental Health

The pandemic has taken a sever toll on many people’s sense of well-being. This leaflet from Somerset County Council, offers a wide range of options for help with different aspects of this, from money worries to loneliness. Mindline Somerset offers a 24/7 emotional support helpline on 01823 276 892. Please also bear in mind that there are many people within our village who would be only too willing to offer help if they know you need it.

Links to further advice

Be healthily sceptical of information on social media. The best source of authoritative advice on health matters is A banner on their home page will take you straight to their current Covid-19 advice and to the current Government response information.

Somerset West and Taunton Council also has an information page, and have put out an information pack which may be read online or downloaded. Somerset County Council also have an information page, which covers many of the same topics.

On 6 April, this joint press release was put out on behalf of Somerset County and all the District Councils. It is primarily to announce a new phone Helpline (0300 790 6275) offering support for those needing help (except health advice) in coping with the coronavirus crisis. Also you are encouraged to visit this website if you are interested in volunteering.

See also this post on advice to avoid coronavirus scams.


If you have any information which you think would add to the usefulness of this page, please contact Nick Sloan. We will do our best to update and adapt as the situation develops.
Last updated 1-1-21