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Somerset Climate Emergency Community Fund

The Somerset Climate Emergency Community Fund is now open for applications. All applications need to be made through the PC on the SCC dedicated web site. If any residents or local groups have a project which they feel could reduce their carbon footprint, they should...

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October HOTV Report

Since the last update work has been moving forward at a rate of knots to prepare for the relocation of the Shop in a Box to the Royal Oak. The shop area in the RO has been completely refurbished and is currently in the hands of an enthusiastic band of volunteer...

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October PC Report

Continuing our sequence of virtual meetings, the October meeting was held without participation from any members of the public. Two planning applications were considered, both for agricultural purposes. The first for installation of silage clamps and feed hoppers at...

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The second wave of the pandemic is affecting Somerset far more than the first. The infection rates here has tripled in the last month.

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A travelling Post Office will be coming to Stoke St Gregory

From now on, every Thursday morning between 10 and 12 starting this week, there will be a Post Office at the Village Hall. This will offer all the services of a full post office to the community of Stoke St Gregory. If you have any Post Office business to do, plan to...

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September PC Report

Yet again the PC held a virtual meeting. With the circumstances as they are, it seems unlikely that this will change in the near future. The upside is that meetings, by necessity are more disciplined with the only downside being the occasional intervention from family...

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Annual Poppy Collection

The Royal British Legion has, like the rest of the country, had to reassess how it can operate safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision has therefore been taken that, for understandable safety reasons, there will be no house to house collections this year....

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HOTV Important Update

It is pleasing to report that as of today (August 26th) we have completed the purchase of the Royal Oak. This is the major milestone in our project to create a vibrant social and commercial centre at the heart of Stoke St Gregory. Work will now commence to transform...

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August HOTV Report

At the time of going to press we are closing in on the milestone of completing the purchase of the Royal Oak. Indeed, by the time you are reading this article, it may have already occurred. That being the case it is planned to hold an open day for members of the...

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August PC Report

The PC continued its sequence of virtual meetings. In the absence of any other guidance from NALC, it is anticipated that this will continue for the for the foreseeable future. As always members of the public are welcome to join  the meeting. There was a single...

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Due to lockdown restrictions, the Stoke St Gregory Remembrance service will be on Zoom this year at 10.45am on Sunday 8th November.  The Baptist Church is leading it this year.  Anyone from the village is welcome to join us.  The Zoom link is below: Join Zoom Meeting...

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Open Day at the Royal Oak

Following completion of the purchase of the Royal Oak by the community, we will hold an open day for both members and the community to view the asset that will become the commercial and social heart of the village. The Royal Oak will be open to view from 10:00 to...

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Monthly HOTV Meeting

The Monthly HOTV meeting will be held as usual on the first Monday of the month, which this month is the 3rd. You can see the agenda here. As this is a public meeting there will be an opportunity for those joining the meeting to ask questions or comment. If you...

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Luncheon Club Postponed

In these exceptional times, it has unfortunately been decided that the Luncheon Club which meets every other Wednesday  at the Baptist Church will be postponed indefinitely, as most of the customers and some of the helpers are in the vulnerable age group. Look for...

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Climate Action Athelney

On 27th January at 7:30pm in the Williams Hall, Climate Action Athelney will hold their AGM. The guest speaker will be Steve Mews of RSPB who will lead a discussion on what we can do about Climate Change. Please come along; all welcome.

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