Though the summer there will be a series of perfornances at the Royal Oak highlighting some of the rustic traditions of our heritage. Why not come along and partake of another rustic tradition namely a pint of ale at your local, while enjoying the entertainment,. Perfornances will be as follows:

Sunday 14th April at 12 noon LANGPORT MUMMERS.
The “Langport Mummers” will perform The Alfred play, based on King
Alfred and his battle with Guthrum, the Viking. Alfred is known to have
been based close to Stoke St Gregory, before his battle with Guthrum’s
Great Heathen Army around the 8th century.
Stoke folk can expect much merriment from this eccentric colourful local
troupe, who perform traditional Mumming play with contemporary twists!

Thursday 6th June at 7:30pm SWEET COPPIN.
Ladies Clog dancers group. English clog dancing began in 18th
century England during the Industrial Revolution. It is thought to
have developed in the Lancashire cotton mills where wooden-soled
clogs were preferred to leather soles because the floors were kept
wet to help keep the humidity high, important in cotton spinning.

Wednesday 17th July at 8pm.TAUNTON DEAN MORRIS MEN.
Yes, they do wave hankies but we also have sticks. And they have a
great time – they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t. They dance
traditional Cotswold Morris dances and our own Somerset style
dances in the summer, and dances from the Welsh Borders during
the winter.

Thursday 29th August 7:45pm WILD MOON MORRIS
Wild Moon Morris are a Border Morris side from the heart of
Somerset. They write their own dances about the legends, folklore
and nature of Somerset and the surrounding counties as well as
other traditional Morris dances. They aim for an energetic and fierce
performance whilst embracing and continuing the tradition of border
Morris and folk.