HOTV Archive

The HOTV pages began as a campaigning section within the Stoke St Gregory village website, where we aimed to raise awareness of the enterprise we were trying to get off the ground and encourage people to join us and buy shares. Now that the Royal Oak is owned by the community, much of the original material is irrelevant and the emphasis has switched to publicising and supporting the businesses that are trading within it. This current page simply provides a retirement home for the original campaigning pages, and for any other HOTV-related material which is of only historical interest.


Share Offer
This page has historical information about the HOTV share offer which is now closed.

The Business Plan and the Share Prospectus, plus Rules, minutes of meetings and all other documents related to HOTV

Next steps
A timeline of what we need to do to bring the project to fruition

A historical overview of the village, and of the background to how the HOTV project came about [Duplicated in the Business Plan]

Aims & benefits
A brief account of how the enterprise could benefit the village [Duplicated in the Business Plan]

Management Committee
An explanation of the formation of the committee, and a list of members

How we plan to raise the money and how you can help [A short version of fuller information in the Business Plan and Share prospectus]

The Plunkett Foundation
There is a huge amount of information on this website about the experiences of other villages in setting up similar community businesses