Since the reopening in April, the pub is getting back to normal, under the care of Phil our pub manager.

Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 6 till 10, and Sunday 12 till 3, until further notice. Please come and enjoy the novelty of our newly refurbished garden—and good beer.

Until 1st September, Wednesday night is pizza night, with fresh pizza cooked in the garden. £10 for pizza and a drink of your choice. These nights have been very popular, so come early to get your order in.

Since the relaxation of Covid restrictions we are no longer insisting on table service, but it is still on offer if you need it, and we would still be grateful for considerate social distancing.

We are not yet able to offer food, apart from Wednesday pizzas and nibbles, but we hope to have the kitchen fully operational by the end of August, and we are actively looking for a chef. If you know anyone who might be interested, please put them in touch with Phil:, 01823 490602.