This page is home to all the publicly available documents relevant to the project.

HOTV Rules
These are the Rules which we adopted when we registered as a Community Benefit Society. They conform exactly to the model rules provided by the Plunkett Foundation.

FCA Seal
The document that confirms registration of HOTV by the Financial Conduct Authority

Management Committee Code of Conduct
All members of the Management Committee are obliged to sign up to this Code of Conduct, as required by the Rules.

HOTV Business Plan (do not print from this version)
This is a 28pp document with details of our plan to buy the Royal Oak and run it on behalf of the community. It can be read online or downloaded and read offline. The digital PDF download linked above is recommended, since it provides links which make navigation through the document easier and give direct access to external websites with further information, but if you need to print there are two print-friendly versions below. Choose single for single-sided and double for double-sided printing. NB: The online version of the Business Plan (above) was reissued at the end of February 2020, reflecting changes and including updated financial tables. The print versions have not been updated to match. The Business Plan has not been updated to reflect the change in circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, and is unlikely to be so since it’s primary purpose was to inform potential stakeholders during the formation of HOTV and the lead up to purchasing the Royal Oak. This should now be regarded as a historical document. Up to date accounts and financial forecasts will be published in due course.
Business Plan-print-double        Business Plan-print-single

HOTV Share Prospectus (do not print from this version)
This 22pp document tells you all you need to know about buying shares and becoming a Member of HOTV. It includes a Share Application and Nomination form, though these are also available independently below. As with the Business plan, the digital document above is recommended, but print-friendly versions are available below. The Share Prospectus should now be regarded as a historical document. Refer to the Business Plan and later financial documents for more recent information.
Share Prospectus-print-double       Share Prospectus-print-single

Share Application Form     Share Nomination Form
These two forms are included in the Share prospectus, but may also be downloaded from here. (Only the application form is compulsory.)
These forms may be completed online in some browsers but not others. It is safer to download the PDF and complete it offline. A few PDF viewer apps will still not support form completion; if this affects you, please print the form out and complete it manually.
The share application is currently closed, but the Share Nomination Form is still relevant.


Notes from Meetings

Regular meetings, which anyone is free to attend, take place by default on the first Monday of each month, at 7:30 in the Village Hall. Closed Management Committee meetings may take place more frequently, as necessary. While physical meetings are impractical during lockdown, we are meeting via Zoom. If you wish to attend a virtual meeting please apply to the Chair for an invitation.

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