HOTV meeting minutes

HOTV open meetings, which anyone is free to attend, take place every few months, at 7:00 in the Royal Oak. Closed Management Committee meetings may take place more frequently, as necessary. The Annual Members’ Meeting takes place once a year.

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Other documents

This column contains Official Documents (Rules, Code of Conduct etc.), Application Forms for those who wish to buy into HOTV, Financial Documents and an Archive of historical documents, such as our original Business Plan and Share Prospectus from 2020. We used to include reports of the Shop Group and other sub-groups of HOTV, but now that we have transitioned from the set-up phase to the fully operational phase it was felt that these were no longer appropriate. 

Official Documents

HOTV Rules
These are the Rules which we adopted when we registered as a Community Benefit Society. They conform exactly to the model rules provided by the Plunkett Foundation.

FCA Seal
The document that confirms registration of HOTV by the Financial Conduct Authority

Management Committee Code of Conduct
All members of the Management Committee are obliged to sign up to this Code of Conduct, as required by the Rules

Communications Policy
This document is a work in progress which sets out our policy for how the MC should communicate with Members and the wider public, and vice versa.

Change of Registered Address
Official confirmation from the FCA of the adoption of The Royal Oak as our registered address.


Share Application Form
This form is currently redundant since the share application has had to be closed, but we very much hope to reopen it to new Members at some point in the future.

Share Nomination Form
This form is still relevant for those who wish to nominate successors to inherit their shareholdings.

These forms may be completed online in some browsers but not others. It is safer to download the PDF and complete it offline. A few PDF viewer apps will still not support form completion; if this affects you, please print the form out and complete it manually.

Financial documents

We used to post recent trading reports here but it was decided by the Management Committee on 1-11-22 that while this information is regularly provided to HOTV Members, it is inappropriate to put it in the public domain. As with any other aspect of HOTV, Members are free to ask for information at any time.



The documents in this section should be regarded as historical, since they have not been updated to take into account the changes brought about by coronavirus, in particular the pausing of the volunteer programme. These are onscreen versions only; print versions are available on request.

HOTV Business Plan
This provides details of our plan to buy the Royal Oak and run it on behalf of the community.

HOTV Share Prospectus
This provided information for those considering buying shares in HOTV. Should the share offer be reopened, a new Share Prospectus would be prepared.

HOTV Newsletter No1 July 2021