Buying Shares

Although our opening share offer was closed in March 2020, we are still welcoming new shareholders, both because we want to remain inclusive, encouraging more people in the village to become part of HOTV, and to boost our funds and expand the potential of what we can achieve.

If you would like to become a Member of HOTV (or to extend your existing shareholding) please complete this form and return it to the Secretary at the registered address (on the form). A share Nomination Form is also to be found on the Documents page. One share costs £25, but the minimum to qualify for membership is 4 shares or £100.

Further details, such as our original Business Plan and Share Prospectus can be seen on this page, though please be aware that these are now somewhat outdated documents, written before we took ownership of the Oak and before the coronavirus pandemic. Our long term prospects remain as strong as ever but the timings will have changed. If you have any questions please send them to