Village Plan

A major project to consult all residents on various aspects of village life was undertaken and published in 2003. A copy of the results may be read as a PDF here.

The Parish Council is currently reviewing the plan section by section, and conducting further surveys as they are seen to be necessary.

In early 2016, a housing needs survey was conducted in the village to gauge what need there might be for more affordable housing. There was only a 30% response, but the results seem to indicate that the need was not too far adrift from the current availability. The full survey may be read here. It is important to understand that this was intended to identify the need for affordable (subsidised) homes, which is not the same thing as smaller houses generally.

A new initiative to provide an updated Village Plan based on the views of all residents has been launched in autumn 2022. The survey will be conducted during December and will report in March 2023. For more details see this News post.