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This section of the site has been given over to the Forward Strategy Group Climate Action initiative, which plans to inspire the village to a greener future. More content will appear here soon.

Charter and scope
The Stoke St Gregory Future Strategy Group (Climate Action) has been commissioned by the PC as a non-executive advisory body, tasked with the responsibility of researching and co-ordinating ideas which can contribute to the future welfare of the village. This activity will take its lead from the Parish Council and will work within a framework of the immediate challenges facing the village in trying to reduce the carbon footprint within the Parish as described in the Carbon Footprint tool. It is the task of this team to inform the Parish Council of possible opportunities so that they may be formally considered and approved as appropriate. Networking with other local parishes who are facing similar challenges will be an important factor in gathering ideas, understanding best practice and collaborating on common projects. Public consultation on issues of key interest will be initiated from the Parish Council.
The Group will be composed of a limited number of contributors (normally not more than six), both, PC members and local residents who wish to participate in this discussion. Expert help may be co-opted from time to time as needed.

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