Reeve’s Feast

This is a local charity, it was set up in 1893, specific to Stoke St Gregory. It has a small amount of funds that can be used to assist people requiring a small input of cash to allow them to get through a particular crisis in their lives. For example: offering assistance in car parking fees if a member of the family is hospitalised and funds are not sufficient to allow visiting.

The funds are administered by Heather Venn and Gill Yaskin. Awareness of people in significant need can be raised to either of these people and actions can then be discussed. You are our eyes.

The funds are limited. Funds have been received from  members of our community offering their fuel payment each year. We have also recently had a significant contribution from a community group in the Village too. Any contributions are welcomed.

Details of payments made in and out of this fund are not made public for obvious reasons. The management of offering assistance is carried out with care and compassion. The receipt of funds is also discrete, although we are clearly very grateful for these. Should you wish to make a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reeves Feast is run by Heather Venn (01823 491483) and Gill Yaskin, who would be happy to discuss any questions that you have.