Share offer current total £127,000

Community Liaison

If you have any good ideas for making the shop and the pub a success when they are run by HOTV, tell Marilyn Clarke.

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Share Certificates

Everyone who has invested in Heart of the Village will be receiving a letter of thanks and a signed Share Certificate soon. Please join us…

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Latest Update

This is the first of of a series of regular updates which will be circulated to all members and which will also be published on the HOTV website in a new page labelled HOTV News. The total contributions to the project has now reached £115,300, across 145 members. This...

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Farming Today

There are many inspiring examples of other villages setting up community shops and pubs. One such was on Farming Today on Saturday (Oct 19) morning. (Link in the full post.)

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Yard of Ale

If you have been into the centre of the village recently, you will have seen that we have put up a large board in front of the Royal Oak, with a picture of a yard of ale showing how funds are coming into HOTV. At time of writing, the total stands at £105,540, but will be changed regularly as contributions come in.

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This page will be used to inform HOTV Members and others of the progress of the share offer, and then progress towards the purchase of the Oak and other aspects of the project as we are able to move from fundraising to action. if you have anything you’d like to add to this page, please inform Nick or any member of the current committee.