Our appeal for Members to step forward to join the Management Committee has been rewarded with three excellent new nominations: from Trevor Daniels, Tom Duxbury and Emma Simon. Graham our Treasurer is also standing for re-election whereas John Davison and Nick Sloan are standing down after four years on the MC. We thus have four nominations for four vacancies which means that we do not need an election this year. Instead Members will be invited to confirm the appointment of all four candidates to the MC at the upcoming Annual Members’ Meeting on 25 September.

Details of the four candidates and their personal statements are as follows:

Trevor Daniels

Nominated by Graham Gleed, seconded by Ann Woods

I have lived in Stoke St Gregory since 1979 and have used the pub and shop during these years. I have been active as a volunteer garden clearing from the beginning and decorating the shop, pub and externally. I now volunteer in the shop and see the running of HOTV on a regular basis. I also eat and drink in the Royal Oak frequently. I therefore feel I have a good perspective on the needs of the business as a contributor and a customer.

Tom Duxbury

Nominated by Nick Sloan, seconded by Graham Gleed
I have lived in Stoke with my family for over 20 years. My children both attended the preschool and primary school where I was a governor. I am a member of the SSG Playing Field Management Committee and am heavily involved with the Stoke Stampede. I would like to join the HOTV management committee because I feel with my commercial experience I could add to the blend of skills which are already in place. I am a regular user of both the shop and the pub and believe very strongly that it is to the benefit of all the residents of Stoke that the HOTV is successful. If it is felt that I can add value to the current committee then I would very much welcome the opportunity to try.

Graham Gleed

Nominated by Trevor Daniels, seconded by Ann Woods
Having been associated with the project since its origins, through start-up and the recent financial challenges, I believe it is important that continuity and stability are key to building on the success that the business is now achieving, in order to deliver and extend the community benefits that the project provides.

Emma Simon

Nominated by Simon Dauncey, seconded by Joanne Bown

I have lived in the village since 2017, currently as a tenant above the Royal Oak. I have two sons, one who attends the school. We enjoy living in the village and have been inspired by the project and opportunities that HOTV has created here.
I would welcome the chance to join the committee as I would like to contribute to the vision of HOTV and be a part of realising the goals and aspirations of the community.
I have worked as a manager in social care for 15 years and feel I have valuable skills and insight into areas that with increased focus could benefit the business e.g. HR and people management skills, including training, Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Food Regulation compliance.
I am able to be flexible, contribute time, energy, enthusiasm, skills and most importantly, I have a strong desire to see HOTV grow and thrive.