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The nearest doctors’ practice, which serves most people in the village is the North Curry Health Centre. This is situated in Greenway, North Curry. The practice has four doctors, four nurses and a dispensary.

Reception: 01823 490505
Dispensary: 01823 490903


The nearest hospital is Musgrove Park in Taunton, which has an A&E department as well as being well-equipped for most forms of medicine. Contact details can be found on the website and a map of the site here.


There is a defibrillator in an unlocked cabinet on the front wall of the Royal Oak, which anyone can use themselves in the event of a cardiac emergency, or you can phone 07701 053903 to get help from Kelly de Silva or a number of volunteers. (Other defibrillators are outside the King Alfred in Burrowbridge, and at Walker’s Farm in Stathe.)

The priority if someone’s heart has stopped is to get it going again as soon as possible, so acting quickly takes precedence over finding the perfect helper. If you find yourself looking after someone who appears to have suffered a heart attack:
    1)  ring 999 and send someone for the defibrillator (or ring*)
    2)  give CPR (make sure you know how—see below)
    3)  open the defibrillator and follow the voice prompts
    4)  ambulance arrives and the paramedics take over

*If you are alone with the patient, you could ask a friend to collect the defibrillator, or ring one of the trained volunteers below. Any who are available would normally offer to bring it.
Ian Upshall at (The Village Stores)  01823 490240
Wesley Degeling (The Royal Oak)  01823 490602
Heather Venn (Woodhill)  01823 491483
Tom Stobie (Woodhill)  01823 490609
Rachel Kendall (Church Close)  01823 491108
Alice Pimm (Church Close)  01823 490015

A demonstration video showing the use of the defibrillator can be seen here.
There are a number of CPR training videos provided by the British Heart Foundation here.

Air Ambulance

We are in the catchment area of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, based in Wellington. This is an amazing service, funded primarily on donations, which flies several times every day to help people in time-critical medical emergencies.

Alternative therapies

These will be listed under Businesses, here.