The results of the survey have been reviewed and collated and were presented at the PC meeting this month. It is true to say that we are disappointed that only around 25% of households responded to the survey. For an issue which has generated considerable discussion, it can only be interpreted that it does not figure in people’s priorities given all the other current challenges. However, we do believe we have sufficient data to draw valid conclusions. In analysing the results, we only counted contributions that were positive indications of support, rather than neutral or negative comments . We also removed comments that are covered by existing budgets.

The conclusions that can be drawn from this data are as follows:

  • In the category Health and Fitness there was strong support for the provision of a multi-use games area at the Playing Field which can be used by all age groups
  • In the Environment category, a strong desire was expressed to identify (and purchase) a plot of land that could be converted into a ‘wild space’ for community enjoyment
  • The provision of better gates and stiles on footpaths also received significant support.
  • While no decisions have been taken on spending, it was agreed that we will start to explore possible options for the first two of these listed