An updated version of the communications policy referred to below has been posted under “Official Documents” on the HOTV Documents page.

In response to a number of recent comments, we have been taking stock of where we may be going wrong with our communications to HOTV members and what we need to change to improve things. The attached document was drawn up initially for internal discussion, but we have decided to present a slightly reworked version as our proposed communication policy.

The main points are that
• We will try to put out more news items on the website to keep you better informed,
• We will always consult HOTV members on major decisions and inform you of our intentions with other significant ones so that you have time to make your opinions known.

A lot of people are involved in getting the shop and the pub ready and keeping it running; our constant aim is to ensure that we are doing this how the majority of members want. As we have often said, we depend on your comments and suggestions to help us achieve this.

Please let us know if you have any issue with the attached policy. In the nature of things disgruntled members tend to be more vocal than contented ones, so even if you have no quarrel, a brief line would be appreciated —by email to or by any other means, including at our public meetings.