One of the items at the upcoming Annual Members’ Meeting on 27 September is to elect a new Management Committee for HOTV.

The Rules determine how long elected committee members remain in post without needing to be re-elected. This year we will need at least one new member, and two existing members will need to seek re-election, thus at least three places will need to be filled. There may be further vacancies if any existing members choose to resign.

At this stage we do not know if we will need to hold an election, since we cannot tell if the number of those standing will exceed the number of places. Irrespective of this, we invite anyone who would like to offer their time and skills as a member of the Committee to complete a nomination form and return it to the Secretary ( by the end of August.

The form can be downloaded here, and should be self-explanatory. A list of nominees and their statements will be circulated to all members before the AMM. Depending on the number standing and the number of places available, this circulation may also take the form of a voting form, to be returned to the Secretary by email, by post, or at the meeting itself.