The PC continued its sequence of virtual meetings. In the absence of any other guidance from NALC, it is anticipated that this will continue for the for the foreseeable future. As always members of the public are welcome to join  the meeting.

There was a single planning application to consider this month. The PC considered an application for installation of a small array of solar panels at Green Gables, Curload. This would be discretely placed and will not be visible from the road. The PC stated that it fully supports the proposal as a contributor to a move away from fossil fuels.

The subject of how best to hold an open-air inter-denominational memorial service in November was discussed. Possible options around use of the playing field were considered including relocation of the memorial stone from the entrance, to the  new pavilion. the PC strongly believe the memorial stone should not be re-located and agreed a memorial plaque should be considered at the pavilion. The form of any service at the playing field was left in the hands of both churches and the PFMC

To a question that arose from a local resident it was determined that for local people to register for support with regard to discounted market or co-ownership of housing in the new development they need to express their interest to the selling agent who then liaises with the local authority. You may have noticed that the new housing development on Willey Road is being Marketed as Broomfield Park. Several people have spoken out against using this the name, not least as there are other Broomfields in Taunton. In reality we as the PC cannot impose a name, we can merely suggest to the developer. This has been discussed with the developer who has no objection in the longer term to registering the development under the name of Wells Hay, but this is one of the last steps in the process when the development is complete. In the meantime, all the marketing materials have been prepared and issued by GTH as Broomfield Park, so there is an obvious reluctance to change the name until the point of formal registration with SWTC.

After C19 restrictions were lifted Speedwatch has been able to resume and as such two sessions  have been conducted at Meare Green. The suggestion  was that with more walkers and cyclists on the road, maybe it is time for the issue of the 40mph speed limit in Meare Green to be revisited. The PC would appreciate hearing your views on this as either residents or users of his road, as pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists.