It is pleasing to report that as of today (August 26th) we have completed the purchase of the Royal Oak. This is the major milestone in our project to create a vibrant social and commercial centre at the heart of Stoke St Gregory. Work will now commence to transform the building to accommodate the shop, create a drop in cafe and eventually open the pub (subject to prevailing restrictions). The committee would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed to getting us to this point. As things currently stand our bank account shows a healthy balance of around £140K, but with loan repayments kicking in along with the anticipated costs of renovations, it is important that we increase revenue generation as quickly as possible. Now that we have access to the building the most expedient way to achieve this will be developed. Current thinking, prior to a final decision once measurements have been checked, is that the shop will be located to the left, with the current garden room as a common space shared by the cafe and the pub.
The committee would like to pay particular thanks to Adrian Stables who, acting under our instruction has provided outstanding service with patience and persistence to overcome the many obstacles that this transaction presented.
It is intended to hold an open day to invite the community to visit the asset that they have invested in, to display plans and to invite discussion on the project. This will be held in accordance within the prevailing Covid guidelines. Precise details will be announced within the coming days.
There have been several offers of help with gardening and maintenance once the building is in the possession of HOTV. In order to coordinate this, if you are willing to help please make your availability and capability known by contacting any committee member or by e-mail to