The initial part of the July PC meeting addressed a question raised by several members of the public concerning the eventual management of the transition zone that is planned between Church Close and the proposed development on Willey Road. Whilst the assumption has been that this will be managed by an agency on behalf of residents of the new development, two other possibilities remain. The developer has offered to transfer title to this land to the adjacent residents of Church Close, but this would require all residents to agree to this arrangement. The third possibility is that the land is managed by the PC, with funding for this cost initially coming from a bursary offered by the developer. It was agreed that formal proposals need to be submitted by the developer in order to reach a decision.

Whilst discussing aspects of the new housing development, the installation of street lighting was questioned. Following a short debated it was agreed unanimously that there will  not be street lighting.

Surprisingly there were no new planning applications to consider, but in an item of singular significance planning approval was granted for the construction of a new pavilion on the playing field. It is intended that construction of this facility, replacing the existing wooden structure which is over 100 years old and which started life as Athelney railway station, will promote both the existing tennis and cricket clubs and open the possibility of restarting a football team. A suggestion has been made that this new pavilion be named in honour of Dennis Silk to recognise his contribution to the village over many years.

Next May will Mark the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings. The Village has been asked how it may wish to contribute to this commemoration. At the very least we will hold a village breakfast, but any further ideas are welcome, as well as volunteers to help organise.

Finally, in a tribute to the tenacity of the Parish Clerk a new dog waste bin has been located at the entrance to the village hall. It is hope that this bin, which will be emptied by SWTC will discourage either leaving waste bags at their point of use, or the rather unpleasant alternative of using the waste bin at the bus stop.