Land with housing potential

As recently reported, the Parish Council would like to encourage a limited amount of building development as part of our strategy for ensuring the long-term viability of the village. In theory District planning policy is opposed to any development on green field sites...

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Temporary timetable for 51 bus

For the duration of the North Curry road closure (8 till about 26 Jan—see below) the 51 bus will be not be coming beyond N Curry between 9am and 3pm on weekdays. The first service of the day and the last two will run as normal. Saturday services too will run as normal. For the temporary timetable see here.

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Dog poo

I am sorry to have to mention this again, but it is a perennial issue in a village of many dog-lovers, walkers and cows. Please pick up after your dog; you will earn the respect and gratitude of all those you share the land with.

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A message from the PC

We have issued a statement in response to concerns about potential developments in the village, both to highlight the challenges which we believe we are facing at the moment, and to scotch rumours that the PC is planning anything radical without consulting the community. The full text, which is virtually the same as has appeared in both the Winter 2017 edition of Stoke News and the December/January Parish News, can be read on the Future Planning page in the PC section of this site.

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Village Square Closed

On the occasion of the now famous Stoke Stampede the Village Square will be closed to all traffic on 7th January, from 10:30am until 12:30pm

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First Aid Class—update!

We now have a date for a first aid class: this will be held in the Village Hall by trainers from St John Ambulance in the evening of Tuesday 16 January, from 6 till 9:30pm. A few places still available.

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Flagpole at the Village Hall

Planning permission has been sought to erect a flagpole at the Village Hall. This will be up to seven metres tall and will be mounted on the promontory on the right side of the entrance from Dark Lane. The flagpole will be used by the scouts as well as to fly flags on...

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Alice Marriott joining VSO

Alice Marriott (ex pupil of the village school) is joining a Voluntary Service Organisation (VSO) programme in Bangladesh. Her challenge will be working with girls denied education because their families have married them off for money. A condition of joining the...

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Stoke Residents Win Recognition

At two recent awards ceremonies residents of Stoke St Gregory were recognised for their services to the community. Firstly, Sue Hembrow received the prestigious Somerset County Chairman's award. Sue was recognised for her long service to the community in roles ranging...

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Christmas Services

There are no less than nine Christmas church services this year, split between the Parish and Baptist Churches. Times and details may be seen on the calendar and on the respective church pages, or click on read more below to see full details.

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Stoke Stampede

The annual Stoke Stampede will be held on January 7th, 2018. We already have 450 runners registered which is a fantastic response and confirms the esteem in which this event is held. However to cope with this number, we need your help as marshalls. So if you can help,...

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Pilates In the Village

If you’ve never tried Pilates before, now is your chance to find out what it’s all about! There will be a new weekly Pilates class at Williams Hall on Thursdays at 1:30pm starting from January 11th 2018. The classes will be run by Polina, an experienced and fully...

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Events: please keep us informed

Justifiable criticism has been heard that the events shown on this website have often been out of date. Clearly there always are future events to list, but if we don’t know about them we can’t list them. If you are organising an event in the village, please give Graham or Nick the details so that we can post them here.

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This page is used for village announcements and items of immediate interest. if you have an item of your own which you would like published here, please let us know.

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