Following the election of a management committee and the first Annual Members Meeting, the elected committee held its first (virtual) meeting on Tuesday. The minutes of the AMM and this meeting can be viewed at The key discussion centred on the Royal Oak. The information that was presented to facilitate this discussion is included here for your information. Following a lengthy debate a motion to proceed with the purchase was approved. The anticipated completion is July 31st. The overall financial position of the project is also summarised in this document.
A project team headed by John Davison was created to start preparing for a rapid utilisation of the Royal Oak in line with the Business Plan, at the same time addressing the essential work that has been previously identified.
Meanwhile the Shop continues to trade robustly, its potential only limited by the constraint of space. I am sure the thanks of all members go to Jo and Carolyn for their outstanding effort in providing  the service that they do.
The next public (virtual) meeting of the HOTV group will be on July 6th when plans for the RO will be discussed.