We had been planning to hold our first Annual Members’ Meeting on June 2nd. In the current circumstances this is clearly not going to happen. The latest date that our rules permit is 31 August, but we cannot know at this stage whether public meetings will be desirable again even then. The FCA who regulate Community Benefit Societies such as ours have let it be known that they would not enforce meeting deadlines for as long as the Covid-19 pandemic is a factor, so a postponement beyond the August deadline is an option. The main purpose of the first meeting is to form an elected Management Committee, and we do have a contingency plan for holding the election remotely on paper.

HOTV needs to have an elected committee as soon as practically possible, but we would much prefer to be able to launch it with a public meeting where all members can meet, ask questions and vote together. Our current policy is to defer until 31 August, and to make a decision at the beginning of August as to whether we should go ahead then, defer again or hold a remote ballot. Any comments in the meantime (hotvssg@gmail.com) would be welcomed and taken into account.