Housing Development

The meeting held on the 11th September took place shortly after the housing consultation event held by West of England Developments. The PC meeting was attended by several members of the public who raised concerns about the consultation, the way it was organised, and the purpose, given the fact that an Affordable Housing Survey was conducted around two years ago without drawing any decisive conclusions. Concerns were also expressed over traffic.

It was pointed out that it was not the responsibility of the PC to promote this consultation which was organised by the developer. It was explained that the PC would not become involved until a request for planning permission was received.

Members of the public attending the PC meeting were thanked for their contribution to the discussion and encouraged to submit their views to the developer using the questionnaire provide at the consultation event.

Farming Practices

There was further discussion around farming practices and the impact on local traffic. A code of practice has been developed which it is hoped will be the basis for a constructive discussion with local farmers. This will be taken forward as a joint approach between both North Curry and Stoke St Gregory Parish Councils.

The PC and Social Media

There was also a debate around the use of social media by the PC. The need for common agreement on items to be published, versus the advantage of rapid communication across a significant part of the community is a topic that will be put on the agenda for next month’s meeting.


Finally, it is worth noting if you have not already, that the finger sign posts in the village have been restored. The replacement of damaged arms in their original format along with refurbishing and painting of the posts is a welcome renovation to part of the village heritage. We should all acknowledge the time and effort that Nick Sloan put into achieving this.