February PC Report.

There was only one planning application to be considered this month. It described the potential construction of a new detached house adjacent to the Cottage at Meare Green. The PC offered no comment on this application.

The topic of school improvement again formed a significant part of the meetings discussion both in terms of the short term need for basic improvements and the longer term. Despite the very best efforts of many people there remains an impasse on how to access funds to undertake this work. The vexed topic of the availability of central CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money is no closer to resolution. On this basis application was made to the PC for grant support coming from the proportion of funds that will be assign to the Parish Council.

Similarly, the Willow Set and the Tennis Club requested grant funding from this pot. All requests were recognised, however resolving how best to allocate the funds that the PC will receive will only be considered when the money is actually paid. This will occur in instalments with the first instalment due in April.

Climate change and the role of the PC was also a strand which wove its way through several topics. At the Annual Parish meeting on May 4th, the Guest Speaker will be Steve Mews of Somerset Wildlife Trust, Steve also spoke at the AGM of what is now Climate Action Athelney. It was agreed by the PC that we should engage further with this group. SWTC has also started a consultation on Climate Emergency. The consultation document on-line is well worth individual input and can be found on the village website https://www.stokestgregory.org/climate-emergency-plans/

Preparations are in hand for the celebration of VE day. It is planned that this coincides with the opening of the new pavilion.

Full details of these and other topics covered at the PC meeting can be found at https://www.stokestgregory.org/parish-council/documents/